Indian soldiers mingle with troops of the 81st West African Division after the latter had arrived in India for jungle training. The first African colonial troops to fight outside Africa, the 81st Division went on to Burma in December 1943. © IWM (IND 2864)

Teaching Empire and War highlights the lives and narratives of non-white men and women from the British Empire during the First and Second World Wars.

Led by Dr Anna Maguire from the Department of History and Dr Diya Gupta from the Department of English, King’s College London, the project aims to attract school students to find out more about how the British Empire was involved in the two world wars, and provide teachers with easy-to-use archival material that they need to create lessons on this topic.

With three lesson plans, each devised on a distinct theme in relation to war, a wide range of additional material and links to further learning opportunities, this online resource seeks to make ‘forgotten’ wartime voices heard, and provides an opportunity for students and teachers to reflect on a diverse, truly global history of conflict.